O Eradicate poverty and help educate the poor to become self sufficient

O Empower single mothers to learn and care for their children

O Build orphanages and care for for the orphans and educate them to become fruitful citizens

O Work with the communities to create more green energy and solar farms

O Stop violence of the children and of women

O Provide medical care for the poor

O Feed the children and the homeless

O Build water wells and clean the water

O Care for the widows and the sick

O Build housing for low-income

O Bring peace

O Reach the lost


The Solar projects will help in generating and providing solar to remote areas, villages and inner-cities, to homes, schools and commercial buildings and aims at utilizing the natural resources and at the same time, will help in the process of reducing Global Warming.


This project helps in providing the medical assistance to the most needed class of the society who cannot afford to maintain their health at the cost of the basic expenses.


This project helps in building orphanages for the homeless and for the abused children, to make them self sustained through providing the required education.


Stepping towards the poverty eradication and providing basic necessities to the under privileged class of the society. We help them by proving them with houses.


For those who have missed their regular path of their life due to the social circumstances like abuses or self contaminated addictions like drugs and alcohol; we provide them the facility bringing them to the normal fold of their life through rehabilitation and counseling.


Working with ethnic groups of all creed, to build churches and places of worship to serve God, the true creator and His son Jesus Christ that died on the cross for our sins, so that each person can get saved and live an eternal life with Lord Jesus in heaven.