The mission of Blessing for Romania World Ministry is to enable people through Jesus Christ to bring peace and empower others to live better lives by helping eradicate poverty, stop abuse and violence and provide the means for everyone to have an opportunity to learn and grow.

Caring for Widows and Children

Helping to retrieve the widows from abuse, exploitation and isolation with promoting economic and social self-reliance through care, education, nurturing and through support and care for them and their children's education, free from child labor creation.

Clean drinkable water resource

Promoting to help in construction of water wells with hand pumps in Africa and other parts of the world where there is lack of water, and provide sufficient water supply so that women and children need not travel long distances to get water and to also eradicate the use of contaminated water.

STOP Violence

Helping to provide shelter for abused women and children who are victims of domestic violence and neglect at home and in their family. The runaways will be cared for and the abused person or child will be nurtured with childcare and adult support, through practical assistance and needful counseling.


Blessing for Romania wants to help the people and children of Africa live a better life by helping build water wells and by feeding and empowering the children to learn and grow.


Blessing for Romania give opportunities for people to get involved for helping us in our projects. You can contact us through phone or write to us on our email id.


Blessing for Romania helps to stop violence for the children and feed the homeless by building orphanages and educating them. Play a major role in building rehabilitation centers for the abused children and providing them with medical care.